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"Thank you very much for your excellent service. The guest was very happy on the services provided by the driver....."                                                                                         -Iswarya Devi P

"Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the excellent transport support provided to us during our Board members visit last week.  Your office handled our bookings and cancellations efficiently and were very accommodative of last minute alrerations. The cleanliness of your vehicles and the polite drivers were very well noted and appreciated by all of us."                           

"Dear Bala team, 
Thank you very much for your arrangement this time. Both driver has really good attitude , politeness and reached on time as always.."     
                                                                        -Yumiko Garg

"Excellent service"             -State Bank of India

"I was very pleasantly surprised that, on the occasion of Women's Day, I was greeted by a woman driver, Ms. Manjula. She was a good driver, as well as a very pleasant person. I felt very happy that she is able to do such a job in Chennai, and my heartfelt congratulations to her. It is not an easy task, but she seems to be excelling at it. I hope she continues to grow successfully for a long time.  I also fully appreciate you and your company for giving such an opportunity for women, and for treating them with equal respect and importance as men..."
                                                                                                                       -P. Vinayendra

AND MANY MORE...                          


- Sandya Raman

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